hello, 2019!

Hello and happy New Year!!

As you may recall, the past few years I've chosen a theme for the New Year in lieu of resolutions. Last year my theme was CHOOSE THE BIGGER LIFE. This year, I'm going in a different direction. I went back to a singular word I want to keep in mind throughout the year in different contexts. My word for this year is....


The primary focus of this word is to be lighter in attitude. I have a tendency, especially when I'm tired and/or stressed, to get cranky about little stuff. I am *usually* pretty good about curbing this in front of other people (except for probably my family. Sorry, fam!). But sometimes I'm also not good at it. And mostly I'm bad at it when I'm alone. It happens a lot in the car because traffic has the power to drive me absolutely crazy on my worst days (yes, the pun was intended there). So, in those moments, I'm practicing taking deep breaths and reminding myself to "be light". This quote often comes to mind when I think about being light:

“It is easy to be heavy; hard to be light”
-G.K. Chesterton

As cheesy as it sounds, I also want to be a light when it comes to my faith. I don't necessarily try to hide it, but I'm also not as open about it as I maybe should be. The truth is, my faith is the most important thing to me and if I value it that highly, than I should let that show. Being a light in this sense doesn’t mean I need to go around evangelizing to every person I see, but rather being a light through my actions. I will be a light by being kind, compassionate, patient, and joyful and by talking about my faith at appropriate times.

Those are the two main ways I'm employing my theme for the year, but I've also come up with a few smaller ways to incorporate it as well:

  • Lighten the load of unnecessary stuff: clean out closets and go through everything I own, make mindful purchases, invest in higher quality items instead of cheap alternatives that will need to be replaced often

  • Lighten the financial burden of my student loan debt: I have a $ goal to pay off this year that I'm going to work hard to surpass

  • Be in the light more: get outside as much as possible for that vitamin D, especially in these long winter months!

What are your goals, themes, and resolutions for 2019?