five little things- #7

After a couple of weeks off, five little things is back! I've been filling my time with some pretty great things lately and blog posts kind of fell off the map for a little bit. I've been trying to be more cognizant of not always using my free time to cross things off of the never-ending to-do list in my head. Laundry can wait. Playing a game of cards with my mom should not. Here are five other things that are helping me to appreciate life at this moment!

1. Birthday celebrations- Last weekend was filled with various birthday celebrations, which were all very different but equally fun. My actual birthday was on Sunday and I got to stay at home and hang out with my family after a full weekend of birthday activities. I was having so much fun, however, I didn't take any pictures! I never consider that to be a bad thing, though. :) Thanks to everyone who went out of their way to help me celebrate!

2. Homemade English Muffins- I'm not going to lie, the first time I tried to make these they turned out less than stellar. Turns out yeast is very specific on what temperature it needs in order to rise. I learned from my mistakes, though, and the second time through they turned out well and actually looked like English muffins! I've been enjoying them as part of my breakfast sandwiches in the morning or on their own with butter. The recipe I followed can be found here.

3. Spotify- One of the greatest purchases I've made was investing in Spotify premium. I listen to music a lot, so I decided it was worth the monthly fee to listen to my favorite music uninterrupted. I've also discovered that I quite enjoy curating playlists for various moods or specific to a genre. I love the feeling of anticipation for that first car ride after I've made the *perfect* playlist to finally listen to my masterpiece (which I am certain are only masterpieces to me specifically). 

4. Hallmark movies- My sister, mom, and I are big fans of Hallmark movies. We've probably seen all of the Christmas movies they've made so far and can predict the endings of most of their movies based on the plot lines they always follow. Lately, they've had new mystery movies on every Sunday night. It's the perfect way to wind down and relax before the week starts. (Warning: If you don't like cheesy, predictable movies, these are not for you!)

5. Stone Creek Coffee- This is a craft coffee roaster that was started in Milwaukee. I'm lucky enough to have one within walking distance from my work (I don't even have to go outside to get there!). Their coffee is amazing and the baristas are always so friendly. I love to stop by on the occasional afternoon for a pick-me-up!

What little things are you loving right now?