life update

Oh, hey! I do exist! I know it's been a little awhile, but sometimes life just gets in the way, you know? Here are little bits and pieces of what's going on in my life right now, in case you care for an update :)

  • The musical I am in opened last weekend, which is why I temporarily fell off the face of the earth. My most sincere apologies if I've been out of touch with you! It has been a blast, albeit time-consuming. We have three more shows this weekend and then it will (sadly) be over. I always have mixed feelings after a show ends- happy to have some free time back, but missing the joy of being on stage and being with new friends all the time!
  • My third nephew was born yesterday!! I will not get to meet him for about another month until I go visit them, so I'm looking forward to MANY pictures for the time being.
  • My parents' Great Dane puppy, Daphne, has grown exponentially in the past few weeks. She is a sweet, cuddly pup except when she sprints around the house like a maniac to release all of her energy. She has captured all of our hearts and I can't wait to see her grow even more physically and in her personality!
  • I took a trip to the Wisconsin Dells with some college girlfriends the other weekend, which was a blast. It was great to be able to have full-length conversations with them and just catch up since I no longer live in the same city as them. We hope to make it an annual trip and explore a new place every year (once we are no longer broke...)!
  • Easter weekend was a great time to spend with family and reconnect with the fundamentals of our faith. How refreshing it is to be reminded of what Jesus did for us and joy that awaits us because of it! It has a way of putting all of our problems into perspective.

That's about it! I'm hoping to focus more of my time here once my show is over, so hopefully it won't be too quiet anymore! Being about 8 months in to adult life, I can feel that I'm going through a period of great change right now. I've started to adapt more mentally and physically to the 9 to 5 lifestyle, which allows me to focus more on my future goals and not just adjusting. I'm excited to see what the next few months bring! Anything exciting happening for you?