25 for 25

Leading up to my 25th birthday, I decided I wanted to make a list of 25 things to accomplish during the year to really help me make the most of it. I wanted a mix of things that were practical and fun and I also wanted to make it feasible to complete all of them. I think I ended up with a pretty good list and I'm excited to get started crossing things off!

25 (2).png

1. Write down recipes- Does anyone else have to search for their favorite recipes every single time they make them? No, just me? Well, I'm determined to actually write down my most used recipes on physical recipe cards this year! My mom actually gifted my sisters and I all recipe card binders for Christmas a few years ago and wrote down some of her best recipes for us, so I want to add to that collection.

2. Learn to make cocktails- Being the creature of habit that I am, I always tend to have the same, simple drinks. I want to learn how to make a few different cocktails this year and maybe even land on a "signature" one that I can make when hosting.

3. Ride on a Ferris wheel- I have never done this, and I know, it's a crime basically. Better late than never though, right?

4. Take a solo trip- I haven't decided where or when yet, but I want to travel somewhere solo this year. Any suggestions?

5. Have a spa day- I only recently got my second massage ever. I'd like to experience a full spa day, however, and fully soak in the relaxation.

6. Pay off at least 30% of my student loans- I want these loans out of my life as quickly as possible! So this year I want to throw as much extra cash as I can at them.

7. Learn how to change a tire- An important life skill I feel I should learn before it’s too late!

8. Get photos/memorabilia organized- I have so, so many random buckets and bags full of pictures and various memorabilia from high school, college, trips, etc. Additionally, I have probably thousands of pictures stored on my phone + computer. Taking any tips here on how to organize it all, what to keep vs. get rid of, etc. I want to get to this before it gets completely unmanageable.

9. Make an emergency kit for my car- I have a few things in my trunk, mainly related to winter weather (a blanket, extra gloves/hat, a shovel), but I want to make sure I have a fully-stocked kit of all the essentials!

10. Write a bucket list- Is it weird to essentially put the writing of a bucket list on another bucket list? Well, I'm doing it.

11. Go on a picnic- There's nothing quite like a good old-fashioned picnic in the park!

12. Crochet a scarf- So I learned to crochet awhile ago and have started approximately 85 scarves and never finished a single one. Now is the time! Also, it's the only thing I actually know how to crochet. You could say I'm an expert in this field.

13. Make bread- There's something incredibly comforting about the thought of making homemade bread to eat with soup in the winter or to dip in oil as an appetizer.

14. Find the perfect LBD- I don't even know if I own something that could qualify as an LBD. Now is the time!

15. Host a dinner party- I've always loved the idea of this, but I worry that my apartment is too small to accommodate it. So it's time to get creative and make it happen!

16. Play piano again- I started taking piano lessons in 3rd grade and continued through 8th grade. And then I got too involved with so many extra-curriculars and didn't make time for it. But I really enjoy sitting down and playing piano time and again and want to be more consistent with it.

17. Make a latte at home- Seems simple enough, right? I love having a latte as an afternoon treat, so why not make one for myself?

18. Make crepes- No explanation needed. I love crepes and I need more of them in my life.

19. Subscribe to (and read) the Sunday newspaper- Because I am 85 at heart and I love the idea of sitting down with a cup of coffee on Sunday morning and reading the paper.

20. Play bingo- Once again, 85 at heart. I've never actually played at a bingo hall!

21. Build up my record collection- I got a record player for Christmas two years ago that I absolutely love. This year I'm going to hopefully do a lot of thrifting for records to add to my collection!

22. Watch the sunrise- At least once (but hopefully more times), I want to get up and just watch the sunrise. Preferably with coffee in hand.

23. Establish a morning routine- I sort of have a routine, but I'm looking for one that involves a little less eating my breakfast standing up in the kitchen and a little more intention.

24. Try three new restaurants in my neighborhood- I live in an area of Milwaukee that is known for its great restaurants, bars, and cafes, but I’ve tried very few of them! I want to make sure I truly experience it before I move somewhere else in the future.

25. Go hiking- This is one of my favorite ways to be active, but I hardly ever do it!