sister series: molly

Today in the sister series I'm introducing Molly, the third oldest. Molly is the only sister who doesn't hover around the 5'3"-5'5" range, so it's easy to spot her among us, since she is just a tad taller! When it comes to fashion, relationships, careers, and so much more, Molly is always there to give some good old-fashioned sisterly advice. I find that when she and I chat, it's always a very deep conversation. We're both introverts, so that's to be expected! I have to admit, her answers for this interview made me tear up a little bit. I love seeing how all my sisters put into words the experience we had and still have as a family! Keep reading for Molly's perspective on it all:

Name: Molly Goodearle

Age: 27

Occupation: Marketing Manager


What was your favorite part of growing up with five sisters? 

Basically having a default #squad. We did so many weird/hilarious things as kids, and there was rarely a day without laughter. Childhood doesn't get any better than that. 

What is your favorite part of having five sisters now? 

I didn't realize this in my youth, but as I reflect back now, I realize how much security came with having five sisters. You were always loved, cherished, and a part of something bigger than yourself. Having this foundation has led each of us to find our own version of success as adults. When you have a group of people that you know love and support you through anything, it's easier to take risks. 

What lessons have you learned from growing up in a big family? 

If you ain't first, you're last. JUST KIDDING! In essence - the world doesn't revolve around me. Each sister has had her own moments in the spotlight and it was important to give each her moment without making it about me. As a kid, that's not natural, but learning this lesson is entirely applicable in the workplace and beyond as an adult. The other notable lesson I learned was agility. We were always on the go as a big family with countless extracurricular activities, which forced each of us to constantly adapt to new surroundings and situations. I'd peg that lesson as my #1 "tool" as an adult. Change is constant, and the quicker you learn to adapt and grow, the easier it is to find enjoyment in life. 

What was your favorite thing to do with the sisters growing up? 

Making up dances, dressing up the "little sisters" in outrageous clothing, playing summer games like Kick the Can or Capture the Flag well into dusk on warm nights, collectively taking an hour to fold 2 baskets of laundry so that we could secretly watch The Price is Right on summer mornings, sister singalongs (sorry parents), and admittedly - bossing around the youngins to exercise my privilege of being an older sister. 

Maggie, me and Molly

Maggie, me and Molly

What's your favorite thing to do with them now?

There are so many things that belong in this answer that it's obvious the answer is "anything." If we're not laughing, we're talking deep. If we're not talking deep, we're quoting a movie. If we're not quoting a movie, we're probably dancing. If we're not dancing, wait no, we're basically always dancing. I guess if I had to get specific, the best activity now would be to drink coffee and consume carbs together. Even though some of us are introverted, there is no stopping the chatter when we're together. Sister talk is best enjoyed with caffeine and something sweet to eat.

Anything else?

When you come from a family this big, especially one with all girls, there is most certainly a group effect, meaning that people outside of your family perceive you in terms of how they perceive either the entire family or a specific sibling of yours. In my/our case, this is a great thing, as each sister is accomplished and established in her own way. We're all associated with each other. If I meet someone who knows one or more of my sisters, it's assumed that I take on similar positive traits as them. While having your own unique identity can be somewhat tough in a big family, the group effect is not always a bad thing when your sister's (good) reputation precedes you. 

On another note, most people ask about how we get along as sisters. We're not overly lovey dovey with each other nor do we argue much. I don't necessarily call my sisters my "best friends" because our relationship is something beyond even what a best friend is. They are constants in a world of change. They are opinion givers, advice seekers, companions, and a support group. There's no way to accurately put into words what we are to each other, but one thing is certain -- we are all pretty darn #blessed to have each other.