sister series: maggie

Next up in the sister series is Maggie! She is a quintessential middle child, as the third youngest (or fourth oldest, depending how you look at it) of the clan. Although Maggie deems herself as the "average" sister, she has a lot of amazing qualities. She has such a giving heart and will gladly lend a helping hand to anyone and everyone. Although she and I don't see eye-to-eye on everything (we are basically opposites, personality-wise), we always find a way to have a good time and probably bond the most over our love for Hallmark Christmas movies. Here's what she has to say about growing up with five sisters!

Name: Maggie Rasmussen

Age: 25

Occupation: 4th Grade teacher


What was your favorite part of growing up with five sisters?

There was always someone to do things with! Five built in best friends. And of course the loudness and craziness when we were all together!

What is your favorite part of having five sisters now?

I get to have five people in my life to turn to for anything and everything. We have each grown up so similar yet each have our own unique personalities and talents. Because of this, I'm basically guaranteed that one of the sisters will be able to help me solve my challenges!

What lessons have you learned from growing up in a big family?

Typical, but true - sharing everything! But for real...we always made everything fun and an adventure...with so many people, things were bound to happen, but we made the smallest thing like cleaning to bigger things like vacation so enjoyable when we did them all together! Lots of credit to Mom and Dad for leading the way there.


What was your favorite thing to do with the sisters growing up?

Dance parties or playing any and all games together

What's your favorite thing to do with them now?

Dance parties...haha seriously though. Also just sitting with our coffee talking life together.

Anything else?

When the six of us are together, there is literally nothing that can stop us! I am in true awe of the work ethic, abilities, and success of each one of my sisters. When you put us all together, though, there is a magical group effect of all of our mashed-up abilities and it is honestly the most fun thing to be a part of!