sister series: liz

Today, we welcome Liz as the eldest, and I'm sure she would claim the wisest, of the sisters! Liz and I are similar in that we are both mathematically-minded and both attended the greatest university in the world, UW-Madison, among other things. Liz is extremely intelligent, but is also a talented dancer and choreographer, a great mother, and has a sense of humor that can get us out of any tense situation (and often got her out of trouble as a teenager...). She is a true oldest child, always taking control of the situation and keeping us line! Read on for her view of having five younger sisters:

Name: Liz Wiskirchen

Age: ugh 31

Occupation: Retired actuary and stay-at-home mom

What was your favorite part of growing up with five sisters? 

My childhood self would probably say having 5 younger sisters to boss around. But honestly, my favorite part was always having 5 friends so you were never lonely. I also loved the scenes we would cause whenever we were out. "Are they all yours? No boys?"

What is your favorite part of having five sisters now? 

I love having 5 strong role models that I can go to about anything. Everyone has their own strengths that I can learn from and you learn age is just a number. I'm just as close to Annie who is 12 years my junior as I am to Emily and we're only 18 months apart!

What lessons have you learned from growing up in a big family? 

I learned that you don't always get what you want and it's not always about you. Patience is a virtue and waiting isn't always a bad thing. I also learned that if you did want your voice heard, you have to be REALLY loud. haha

What was your favorite thing to do with the sisters growing up?  

Probably making up dances and shows. I was usually the ringleader and a tad bossy, but we had so much fun putting on shows for our parents or as we got older, video taping ourselves doing stupid dances.

What's your favorite thing to do with them now? 

Ditto. Dance parties are a regular thing in our family! I have literally pulled muscles doing things I shouldn't be doing at my age like arabesques or the splits. We crank up the tunes, get the giggles, and dance our hearts out. I also love our group texts/meme sending. We all have the same sense of humor and those texts make me feel like we're not miles apart, but still hanging out in our parent's living room.

Anything else? 

I appreciate our sibling bond so much more as an adult. We all get along and have stayed incredibly close and that doesn't happen in a lot of families. These girls are my original tribe.  #myauntsspanishrats (don't ask about that hashtag...)


I hope you've enjoyed reading these interviews as much as I have! I'm sure you've seen common threads throughout them all: we love to dance, are never lonely, have learned patience and humility, and wouldn't trade our positions in life for the world. I also hope it's given you a glimpse into what life is like in a big family, especially if you don't come from one! We are honestly just a camera crew short of being a reality TV show. It's always chaos, but for us it's just normal life. Thanks for following along! Let us know if you have any questions about life as one of six girls in the comments!