sister series: emily

Introducing the second oldest sister, Emily! Although Emily and I are separated by six years, I have often found that we can relate to each other in many aspects. Being on time is not one of them (I'll let you guess who's the early bird...). Aside from our similarities, Emily is a fantastic writer, which I think you'll see even in her interview below. She has a passion for language and travel and has the laid-back personality that thrives in adventure, something I've always tried to learn from her. When I get the opportunity to visit her and her family in Florida, you can find us sipping margaritas by the ocean, discussing personality (one of our favorite topics) or our favorite Titus Andromedon quotes (if you haven't watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt yet, now is the time). If you love her writing as much as I do, pop on over to her blog!!

Name: Emily Krause

Age: 29

Occupation: Stay At Home Mom, Blogger, Spanish Teacher (v. part time). 

What was your favorite part of growing up with five sisters? 

My favorite part of growing up with five sisters was sharing inside jokes with each individual sister, and always having 5 built-in best friends. Middle school and high school can sometimes be lonely, but having 5 sisters at home meant there was always someone to hang out with, watch a movie with, or just talk to. 

The other great thing about it is all the crazy stories and memories we all have now, from family vacations, to pet disasters, to entire days spent cleaning up the basement, we were never short on laughter or chaos. 

What is your favorite part of having five sisters now? 

My favorite part of having five sisters now would be learning something different from each sister. Liz inspires me to decorate my home like a grown-up instead of a college dorm. She really takes pride making her house a home. Molly has impeccable taste in clothes, and a true eye for capturing what's important to her through photography. When I'm in need of outfit inspiration, I simply stalk her Instagram! Maggie is the crafting goddess I will never be, and truly has the most giving heart. If you need help preparing for a party, she's your girl! I can always count on Abby for a good intellectual discussion about personality types or the meaning of life, and she's really the only one in the family with musical talent. And Annie impresses me with her work ethic and dedication in volleyball, fitness, and school. If I need a good sweat sesh, I know who I'm working out with! 

It's crazy how we were all raised by the same parents, and have so many similar values, beliefs, and characteristics, but we all have such a vast range of personalities and talents. 

Me, Emily, and her family of 4 (they've since added another boy to the mix!)

Me, Emily, and her family of 4 (they've since added another boy to the mix!)

What lessons have you learned from growing up in a big family? 

As a true introvert who loves to escape in a good book and avoid small talk, it would be easy for me to live life lost in my own thoughts, because I'm very independent. Having so many sisters as a child forced me to interact with others, and probably saved me from being even more socially awkward than I already am. It also taught me to go with the flow and that the world does not revolve around me. It helped me to look outside myself. 

What was your favorite thing to do with the sisters growing up? 

That's easy - making up dances and putting on performances that Mom and Dad had to suffer through! Super glad we got many of them on video. The world needs to see our talent. 

What's your favorite thing to do with them now? 

Same answer as the previous question. JK, JK. But in all seriousness, probably sitting around Mom and Dad's living room or on the back patio sipping coffee or wine (depending on the time of day) and catching up, reminiscing, and chatting. 

Also anything competitive. Yard games, trivia games, you name it.