sister series: annie

First up in the Sister Series is the youngest, Annie! She is the youngest by four years, while the rest of us are two years apart. I've always admired the way she doesn't care what others think of her (something I'm awful at) and her incredible work ethic. Although I was often "forced" to play with Annie when we were growing up (my parents claim I was happy to do it!), I think we often bonded over being dragged to all of our older sisters' activities. I've loved watching her grow into her own person, despite five strong influences ahead of her, and frequently find myself shocked at the fact that she's grown up now! In my head, she's permanently 10 years old :) Without further adieu, Annie and her thoughts on having five older sisters!

Name: Annie Rasmussen    

Age: 19    

Occupation: Majoring in Exercise Science (minor in coaching and business) at USD (that's the University of South Dakota, where she plays on the volleyball team!)

What was your favorite part of growing up with five sisters?

My favorite part of growing up with five sisters was always having someone to look up to. As the youngest, I always wanted to be just like my sisters in different ways. I loved being able to see them go through things before I did, and then getting advice from them after. It also didn't hurt that it made me look like I had a lot of older (and cooler) friends.

What is your favorite part of having five sisters now?

My favorite part of having five sisters now is having five best friends. Although we don't see each other much now, I love being able to catch up with everyone and have a lot of laughs. Just like when I was growing up, I am still able to get a lot of advice from them about everything in life. It is something special to have five sounding boards to tell your problems to, and have them genuinely care.

What lessons have you learned from growing up in a big family?

Growing up in a big family has taught me that things don't always go the way you want. It is often about the happiness of many rather than your own. It has also taught me how much love a group of people can have for each other. I love that I have a group of people that I would do anything for and I know they would do the same.

What was your favorite thing to do with the sisters growing up?

Growing up I loved dancing with my sisters, watching them perform (whether on stage or in our living room), and always having enough people to play games with. The thing about having five sisters is that everything you do together is fun, but a lot of my favorite memories are from vacations and traveling. I know that all of them loved to dress me up when I was little as well!

The three youngest (from left to right): Maggie, Annie, Me

The three youngest (from left to right): Maggie, Annie, Me

What's your favorite thing to do with them now?

Now, I love just sitting and chatting with the sisters. My favorite still has to be our dance parties, though. I also love playing games with them still, simply because we are all so competitive. It makes for an interesting time!

Anything else?

It is hard to describe in just these questions what having five sisters is like. No one really can comprehend the relationships I have with each one of my sisters and the dynamic we have as a group. It is just truly something special to have siblings that are so alike and different from you at the same time. I couldn't imagine being in any other family!