new year, new theme

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I chose a one-word theme for 2017 in lieu of a resolution- Adventure. This is a "trend" that I've seen gain popularity in the last few years. One word (or phrase) themes are a replacement for old-school New Year's resolutions. I have always liked the idea of resolutions and often made sweeping declarations, at least in my head, of grand resolutions I wanted to keep. Among them, "stop complaining", "no more procrastinating on homework", and "no soda for the whole year" (which is one I actually managed to keep!). While I'm sure there are some people out there who are great at keeping resolutions, I imagine most people can relate to the feeling of having broken one within weeks, days, or even hours of the new year.

Having a theme allows you to shape your year in a more general and manageable way, while still giving it some direction. Adventure, as my theme, can mean many different things. It means I want to do some traveling this year, but it also means I want to explore where I already live. It means I want to try new things, but I also want to renew the sense of adventure in my everyday life. A theme allows me to encapsulate everything I want my year to be and at the end of every day I can ask myself, "what have I done to cultivate a feeling of adventure in my life today?"

Now, I am a very goal-oriented person and I like to have specific, concrete actions to work towards those goals. In order to incorporate this into my broad theme, I can add month-by-month objectives, which are much more manageable than year-long resolutions. For example, a smaller goal can be "plan a weekend trip", "try out a new restaurant", or "take an alternate route to work". It seems a little ironic to plan adventure, doesn't it? But the key here is to not limit myself to only these goals, but rather to use them as a stepping off point. I'm Type A, what can I say? I like planned adventures :)

I'm always curious to hear what others do for New Year's resolutions. Do you like resolutions? Have you tried a one word or phrase theme? What has worked best for you?