mastering adulthood

Don't let the title fool you. I have not, in fact, mastered adulthood. I mean, does anybody ever really master it?!? No, I am still on the beginner level of adulthood. I'm at the point where I just got done with the free trial and now I'm a fully subscribed member. But like one of those free trials that ends, but you forget to cancel it so then they charge your card and you might as well just use it since you paid anyways. So basically, I'm an accidental adult.

Being an accidental adult means that many times (a day), I come across moments where I think, "I should know this" or "I should know how to do this" BUT I DON'T KNOW. I hope I'm not alone in those moments. Those moments when you feel like there's no possible way somebody could have let you enter adulthood without knowing this but somehow here you are. Well today, in hopes of making you feel better, I'm sharing some areas of adulthood that I haven't *quite* mastered yet.

Stepping on and off an escalator- Seems like something an adult should be able to do with ease. But somehow, I struggle to get my timing correctly so I'm not reaching for a moving step four times before getting on.

Spelling gray/grey- I know it doesn't matter, but you'd think I'd least be able to make a decision about which one to use consistently. Still on the fence about it.

Knowing how often to wash household items- How often am I supposed to wash sheets? Or towels? Jeans? My rule of thumb: wash things when you suddenly remember that you probably should be washing them.

Picking out produce. checking cartons of eggs before buying, and other grocery store dilemmas- Sometimes I pick up and examine a bunch of different produce items before choosing one, just so I look like I know what I'm doing.

Knowing when to replace things- When are you supposed to replace your pillows? Why doesn't everything come with an expiration date??

Parallel parking- You guys. I'm so embarrassed to admit this, but I have not parallel parked since I took my driving test. 7 YEARS AGO. I've been finding ways around it for years. I will walk miles if it means I can avoid parallel parking.

What areas of adulthood have you not mastered yet? Let me know in the comments (so I feel better about my own lack of mastery)!