life update- 5.24.18

Here I am, just trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is almost June. I blinked at the beginning of February and now here we are! A lot has happened this Spring, so I thought I'd do a little update for you. 


I had three different shows I was working on as either a choreographer or performer in the last few months. There were quite a few days where, after putting in a full day of work, I would attend two different rehearsals. It is so fun, though, that I really can't complain! All of the shows turned out amazing and I was so happy to be a part of each one. And after a nice two-week break, I've just started rehearsals for another show! #cantstopwontstop



I don't normally talk about my work life too much on here, but this is pretty big news. Unfortunately, the company I was working for is going out of business. It has put me through a rollercoaster of emotions- sadness, fear, and stress over losing my job, but also hope and optimism for what's next. This was a time when I truly saw God's hand at work and put my full trust in Him to put me where I need to be. As always, God provides, and I was able to find a new job fairly quickly. I'm very excited about this new opportunity!


I am about to leave for a trip to Europe! I am going with a friend from college and we will be visiting London, Paris, and Madrid. I will be starting my new job as soon as I get back, so I'm really excited to use this trip as a chance to clear my mind and prepare for a new adventure! I will certainly share our experience (and I'm sure plenty of pictures) when we return, but in the meantime follow along on Instagram  (@abby_rasmussen) for more frequent updates!


We recently welcomed a new member to our family- my sister had a baby girl! I now have a total of 5 nieces and nephews and I love it. We threw a "Sip and See" party after she was born, and even my sister who lives in Florida was able to make it! At one point after the party was over, we looked around and realized that it was just the "original" 8 of us- my parents and all 6 sisters. Which, I suppose, may not seem that weird to everyone...but we've had brothers-in-law in the family for so long and since we don't all live near each other, it's rare that the eight of us are all together!



Did anyone else get up early to watch the Royal Wedding?? I got up at 4:45 and drove to my parents' house where my mom had tea and scones waiting! Even though I hesitated to wake up early and watch, I am so glad I did. I know that those are memories I will treasure for the rest of my life. To wrap this post up and get a little sappy, it is truly all about the little moments spent with loved ones. Yes, big events like weddings and graduations and European vacations are exciting and obviously hold lots of memories, but often, I find my most fond memories involve sitting around my childhood home with my family and just chatting. This has been a crazy couple months, but honestly, I am as happy as I've ever been. 

Thanks for reading this lengthy update and have a great Memorial Day weekend!