hello, 2018!

Happy New Year!!  I love the fresh start a new year brings. It's a natural time for reflection, evaluation, and planning, and as a Type A personality, I love it. I've spent the last week looking back at 2017- everything I did and accomplished and how I measured up to my theme for the year- and looking forward to 2018. And you guys, I have a really great feeling about 2018.


This year my theme is....CHOOSE THE BIGGER LIFE.

This phrase is taken from my favorite author/podcaster Gretchen Rubin. It means that when faced with a choice or decision, you should choose the path that makes your life the fullest. In her example, her family was debating whether or not to get a dog. Even though dogs are a lot of work and add extra responsibilities, they make your life fuller. Therefore, getting a dog would be choosing the bigger life.

Beyond that meaning, I want to emphasize two other points about my theme. The first is the word CHOOSE. I want to focus on living more intentionally this year. A Netflix marathon on a Friday night is fine (even though it might seem like choosing the smaller life), as long as it is an intentional choice to do so, instead of the default.

The second point I want to make is that sometimes choosing the bigger life may not always look grand or glamorous from the outside (an important thing for all of us to remember!) Often times, we need to make "smaller", less exciting choices now to create opportunities for a bigger life in the future. For me, that's where discipline in budgeting, staying healthy, setting aside introvert time, and other small choices come in. If I want to travel in the summer, I need to cut back on spending now. If I want to splurge on the occasional donut (and I will want to), I need to eat healthfully now. These small, everyday choices allow for CHOOSING THE BIGGER LIFE.

I am hoping to keep this theme in the back of my mind throughout the year, especially when faced with decisions. I am really focused on sitting down on a weekly and monthly basis to evaluate, plan, and make intentional choices so I can make the most of 2018! I will also be sharing my goals with you on a monthly basis, so you can help keep me accountable :) Wishing you all the best year filled with love, laughter, and good health!! Thanks, as always, for following along.

What are your goals for 2018?