friday to-do list

Hello, Friday. So happy to see you! The weather did a 180 this week and reminded us all that February/March still = winter in Wisconsin. The change from 60's and sunny to 30's and snowy did a number on my mood and productivity during the week. But Friday is still a week day and an extra chance to turn it around!

Although Friday's sometimes just feel like a countdown till the weekend, I've found that part of my productivity for the weekend and even the following week relies on how I treat my Friday. My brain is usually pretty fried by this point, so I try to stay away from mentally taxing projects if possible. Here are the simple, yet effective tasks I do each Friday to maximize my productivity and motivation going forward.

1. Reflect on the week- As excited as I may be to look forward, I spend a few minutes of my day looking back on the week. I like to think about what I accomplished, what went well, and what I can improve upon in the future. This thought process ranges from projects at work to my exercise routine (or lack thereof...) to how I spent my free time.

2. Plan for next week- It's very tempting to want to deal with next week when it comes, but I've found that planning my week the Friday before clears my mind for the weekend. I take time to update my calendar and write out a tentative to-do list, so I have an idea of what's coming up. 

3. Clear clutter- Sounds like a fun Friday activity, right? I try to set aside time in the afternoon to clean off my desk. Additionally, I will go through my emails, organizing and filing them appropriately and marking ones that require followup for the following week. It's very overwhelming to walk in on a Monday to a messy work space, so this helps me to start my week on a clean slate (literally).

4. Make plans for the weekend- That is, if I haven't already! I like my weekends to have 1-2 social activities (too many plans burns this introvert out!), scheduled down time, and a few errands/projects I want to get done. I try to keep my to-do list for the weekend short and specific so that I'm not overwhelmed by the things I could be doing. Scheduling time to relax is just as important as crossing one more thing off of my list.

5. Treat yourself- It's Friday, so that's reason enough to celebrate! While it can be tempting to overindulge as I enter the weekend (looking at you, donuts), I try to use "treats" that won't leave me feeling guilty afterwards. Some suggestions: a hot bath, reading a good book, taking a long walk, calling a friend or family member, or preparing a nice meal. Anything that is low in cost and calories is usually a good bet!

What do you do on Friday's to keep up your productivity and motivation?