five little things- #4

Hello and happy Monday! Can you believe we're entering March this week? Normally this is the longest part of the year, but time has been absolutely flying. I'm maintaining a fairly full schedule during the week, which means my weekends are vital for keeping me refreshed and ready to attack the week. This weekend I took some time to recharge by spending some quality time with my couch as well as my family and some good friends. Now I'm ready to rock my work week! How about you?

1. Sister time- On Saturday morning, I met three of my sisters for brunch. Even though all four of us are in the Milwaukee area, we rarely get to all be together. Add in delicious coffee and pastries at The National, and you've got a perfect Saturday morning! We, of course, were missing our other two sisters who live out of state, but I'll take quality time with as many sisters as I can get!

2. The Magnolia Journal- Like many, I'm a big fan of Chip and Joanna and their show, Fixer-Upper. My mom just brought home the Spring issue of their magazine and I'm so excited to dig in! Because I'm an adult and get excited about things like floral arrangements and subway tile :)

3. New glasses- I had glasses from a young age, but around high school I kind of stopped wearing them. I can generally see fine so I must've decided they weren't cool or something and gave them up. However, after starting a job where I'm looking at a computer for eight+ hours a day, I decided it was time to start wearing them again. And let me tell you, they've made a big difference already. They are really helping my eyes to feel less tired as the day goes on, which makes my work a lot easier!

4. Laughing Cow cheese- I wouldn't be a true Wisconsinite if some sort of cheese didn't show up in one of these lists! These little slices of cheese are a great snack when paired with crackers and are perfectly portioned. Honestly if they weren't pre-portioned, I'd probably never stop eating them. 

5. Taking walks- There are few things I love more than a good walk. I've found that a walk, no matter how short or long, is great for clearing my mind and energizing me. When I walk alone, I love to listen to podcasts or simply use it as thinking time. Walking with friends or family is also beneficial for great conversation. I often try to fit in a quick 10 minute walk at lunch time and it does wonders for my productivity and focus for the rest of the day. And I suppose the physical activity doesn't hurt either!

What's making you happy this week?