five little things- #2

Monday is back again! I had a great weekend with a mix of relaxing and productive activities, which is the best kind. This week is about to be all sorts of crazy in the best way, so I'm kicking it off by taking a moment to notice what's making me happy this week. Valentine's Day is almost here, which is a perfect time to appreciate those we love- significant others, family, friends, dogs, and whoever else is important to you! It's a great time to stop and smell the roses, as I'm sure there's bound to be plenty around :)

1. Lists- You don't have to know me very well to know I LOVE lists. To-do lists, grocery lists, goals lists, I've got them all! Between work, rehearsals, choreography, blogging, and the rest of normal adult life, there's a lot swimming around in my mind. Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed or stressed, I just make a list. If I can see it written down on paper, I feel that it is more manageable. And nothing can beat the satisfaction of crossing something off of a list!

2. Fresh flowers- I brought home these flowers for my mom for Valentine's Day and they are bringing me so much joy already. In addition to the 45 degree weather we've been having here, I'm getting major Spring vibes. And that's a big deal for February in Wisconsin!

3. Dove chocolate- These chocolates are a perfect pick-me-up during the day. I like to keep them in my candy dish on my desk at work for when I need a little chocolate in the afternoon. The inspiring messages on the wrappers don't hurt either!

4. My All-American- My parents and I rented this movie from Redbox this weekend and I loved it. I was skeptical at first, as sports movies aren't usually my first pick, but was happily surprised. If you are looking to be inspired and maybe a cry a little bit (or a lot), I definitely recommend it. Watch the trailer here.


5. Homemade donuts- I started experimenting with baking donuts at home this fall and have loved trying all different kinds like pumpkin, cinnamon sugar, and gingerbread. In honor of Valentine's Day, I tried out this recipe for Red Velvet Donuts this weekend. They turned out delicious and (almost) too pretty to eat! 

What little things are making you happy this week?