february goals

Happy February! I hope everyone has had a great start to 2018 and is still on track with their goals/resolutions/theme. If not, here's your encouragement to get back on track! January was a great month for me and I'm excited to see what the next month brings. Before I move on to my February goals, I want to review how my January goals went.

january recap.png

one. clean out my inbox- This was a success! I'm getting a lot less emails and the ones I get are the ones I want to get.

two. complete eight workouts- Done. Just under the wire, too, completing my final workout last night!

three. read two books- Almost...at the beginning of the month, I finished a book I was already reading and then I read another full book. So about 1 and 1/4 accomplished.

four. turn off my phone for one hour per day- Pretty much a fail. I mainly just kept forgetting to do it! However, for a couple of weeks my phone was having issues charging so I spent a lot of time with my phone off to conserve battery. It definitely had the effect of making me less attached to my phone and more productive, so I'm still counting this as a win :)

five. write a letter- This was an item that kept getting pushed off my to do list and I never made time for it. I'm hoping to make up for it in February!

january recap (1).png

In January, I learned that the most important way to achieve my goals was to schedule them. I may have succeeded at turning my phone off every day had I put a reminder on calendar! My calendar for February is already pretty full, so I'm scaling back on workouts and reading, in order to still make my goals achievable. In addition, I have another big project to cross of my  to-do list and one thing I'm hoping not to do.

one. organize photos on my computer- This is something I've been meaning to get to for awhile now. I want to set aside a couple of hours to organize my pictures by year/month, so they are easier to locate.

two. complete five workouts-They are already written down on my calendar :)

three. read one book- I've got a long list to start digging in to! 

four. no Netflix in bed- I've been better at this now that I'm reading before bed, but I want to make it completely off limits this month.

What are you hoping to accomplish in February?