fall bucket list

One of the things I love about living in Wisconsin is that we truly experience four different seasons. Some more than others (looking at you, winter), but at least all of them make an appearance! In order to truly embrace every season, we all engage in activities that are specific to that time of year or type of weather, and I'm no different. In true type-A fashion, a bucket list is the perfect way to help me make the most of the fall season by giving me an actionable to-do list. But I could also use accountability, so I thought I would enlist some help...

Introducing, Emily!!


Isn't she a beauty? And she's got a heart of gold, y'all. We started out as intern friends, then turned work friends, then turned into the best of friends :) She often accompanies me on whatever adventures I choose, and she has graciously agreed to join me for these fall activities!

We wanted to keep the list fairly short, so that's it's feasible to actually complete. Follow me on Instagram and like my Facebook page (you can also use the icons at the top of the page) to follow along as we check things off of our list! 

  1. Attend a Badger football game- One of my favorite parts of fall has always been football games, but Badger games are a whole new level. And Emily has never been to one! So this is a must-do.
  2. Go apple picking- Are we doing it for the delicious apples or for the Instagram? The world may never know.
  3. Carve a pumpkin- It just needs to be done, ya know? And a nice bonus is that you can roast the pumpkin seeds afterwards for a delicious snack!
  4. Go on a hike to admire the fall foliage- I assure you that I will go on many hikes this fall, but we'd like to scope out a state park with particularly great views. Any recommendations?
  5. Make homemade donuts- There are so many delicious possibilities- apple cider, cinnamon sugar, pumpkin- the list goes on!
  6. Watch Hocus PocusNeither Emily nor I are huge fans of horror films, so we're just going to settle on this Disney classic for our scary movie fix.
  7. Go to a farmer’s market- We will not be coming home empty-handed when there's an abundance of vegetables, fruits, and bouquets of flowers to be had!
  8. Make caramel apples- Likely using the apples we picked...we're all about efficiency, guys.
  9. Have a game night- Lighting a pumpkin candle, wrapping ourselves in cozy blankets, sipping mulled wine, and playing board games just sounds like a perfect fall night, doesn't it?
  10. Make homemade apple pie- I've never done this, so I'm excited to give it a try (with Emily's assistance, of course)! There may be some trial and error on this one...

What's on your fall bucket list? Let me know below in the comments!