bonjour, spring

So it's *technically* spring, but I think someone forgot to tell the weather? Whose job was that? Anyways, it's been hovering around the 40's here (50's on a good day), which makes it really difficult to figure out what to wear. But as soon as April began, I made the decision to no longer wear tights with skirts or dresses. Many have commented that I'm "brave", but I simply can't accept that kind of praise. I think delusional was the word they were looking for actually. So here I sit, my pasty legs shivering constantly, but I refuse to turn back.

To manage the transition from winter to spring, I like to pull together pieces from each season and mix them together. This fun midi skirt, which shines brightest in warmer months, is more appropriate for chilly weather paired with a cropped sweater and black pumps. The best accessory you can have, however, is a pup. They are truly season-less :)

Sweater: Banana Republic (old); Skirt: Modcloth (old); Shoes: Anne Klein "Hollyn"