blog update

Welcome to the new and improved! I'm so excited to finally reveal the changes I've been working on with you all. Around my eighth month of blogging, I felt ready for a change. You see, when I first launched my blog, I jumped in pretty fast. I knew that if I spent too much time deciding on the template, fonts, colors, etc. I would never get started at all. So I made some swift decisions that worked temporarily, but I knew I'd eventually want to change.

Once I got farther in and figured out the very basics (and I mean very basics), I wanted to elevate my blog. I had been following Abby Saylor's blog for a few months and liked her overall aesthetic. So once I saw that she was designing logos, it seemed like a wonderful coincidence. She did a fantastic job on my new logo and really listened to what I wanted. I would definitely recommend her for any of your logo, resume, website, or business card needs! I figured a new logo deserved a new backdrop and, of course, new head shots are never a bad thing! (Shout out to my sis, Molly, who is always willing to lend her camera and artistic eye). Anyways, I hope you enjoy the new look!


I wanted to take a second to also share with you my vision for the blog. When I first started, I didn't want to stick myself in one niche and feel like I could only write on one topic. I wanted to write about whatever strikes my fancy at that moment. And that continues to be the case! So you'll see posts about style, family, faith, theater, and life in general (to name a few). The thing I've realized the most is that I want my blog to be a place to have conversations, rather than me just talking at you. So please, feel free to comment and join the conversation whenever you feel so inclined!

Thanks for reading! I'm so glad you've decided to spend a few minutes of your day here.




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