10 things to know about me

"Fun facts", often shared on the first day of school or during team building exercises, often seem random and unimportant. But what someone chooses to share about themselves can actually give you real insight into their personality. Today, I'm hoping to give you some insight into mine. I'm sharing ten facts/idiosyncrasies of mine to help you get to know me better, before we dive into the deep stuff on here. Feel free to share a fun fact (or two, or ten) about yourself, so I can get to know you too!

  1. I make my bed every morning, almost without fail. You know what they say: state of the bed, state of the head!
  2. My favorite snack is popcorn. I occasionally have it for dinner.
  3. I am one of six girls in my family. Yep, 6 girls, no boys. I am the second youngest, which makes me neither a middle child nor the baby of the family. Is there a term yet for number five of six?
  4. I love coffee. But I'm not sophisticated enough to love it without a healthy dose of flavored creamer.
  5. My first job was working at the local McDonald's, where my four older sisters also had worked at different times.
  6. I love to sing and dance and can often be found performing or choreographing in my free time.
  7. I am a creature of habit. I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning, reread the same books, and re-watch the same shows on Netflix. 
  8. I graduated from UW-Madison with a BBA in Marketing, Management, and Human Resources.
  9. I am an old soul to my core. My favorite artist is Michael Bublé, I love going to bed early, and if I could I would eat dinner at 4:30 every night. 
  10. I do not like odd numbers, therefore this list had to go to ten.