on being an aunt

Since June of 2013, I have held the title of aunt. As of this past April, I am now an aunt to 5 adorable (in my completely unbiased opinion) kiddos. Right now, it’s a lot of fun. Holding babies, having dance parties, feeding them sugar, and then getting to hand them over as soon as there’s a stinky diaper or temper tantrum.

It’s the best! I love being an aunt! You get the fun part of playing with the kids without the work of actually parenting and taking care of them!


But as my nieces and nephews start to get older, I’ve been thinking about what my role will be in their lives. What kind of aunt do I want to be?

It’s important to me to be very present in the lives of my nieces and nephews. This can become increasingly difficult as they get older and busier, as there are more of them, and as my own life changes. Despite all of those challenges, I want my nieces and nephews to know that I’m there for them. Not in a way that their parents or grandparents or siblings or friends are there for them. All of those people, of course, play an important role in their lives. But I am here to play the role of an aunt.


So, here’s what they can expect from me. As your aunt, I will…

Always be there to take you on a donut date.

Spoil you with presents whenever I can.

Be just a phone call away when you got yelled at by your parents

And then gently help you realize that they were probably right.

Probably embarrass you in public on more than one occasion.

Sneak you your favorite treats.

And on separate occasions, remind you of the importance of eating healthy and taking care of yourself.

Give you a big hug every time I see you, whether you like it or not (refer back to the embarrassing you in public point).

Be a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear when you need it.

Make you laugh whenever possible.

Brag about you every chance I get.

Cheer you on at every game, meet, show, and competition I can.

Help you remember the most important things in your life: your faith and your family.

Always, always provide you with unconditional love.

To my five nieces and nephews, and to those yet to come, I love you forever and always.