10 more things to know about me

When I first started this blog almost two years ago, I wrote a post of 10 things to know about me. I thought it was time to reveal 10 more fun facts about me!

  • Because I am so involved in theater now, people are often surprised to learn that I played sports when I was younger. I mean, I'm definitely not the most athletic person, but I think I held my own out there! At some point, I participated in all of the following: cross country, soccer, softball, track, volleyball, and basketball. My favorite was definitely volleyball!

  • I mentioned in my first "things to know about me" post that I am a creature of habit and like to rewatch the same TV shows over and over again. Well some of my favorites are How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Recreation, Friends, The Office, Gossip Girl, and Gilmore Girls. If I watched nothing but those shows for the rest of my life, I would be content.

  • I am obsessed with dogs. When I was younger, I actually demonstrated such a love for all animals that my mom thought I might grow up to be a vet. While I still have a soft spot for all animals, dogs are definitely my favorite.

Me being an aggressive dog lover since day one

Me being an aggressive dog lover since day one

  • I love puns. A play on words is my favorite type of humor.

  • I am a morning person, but also a heavy sleeper who does not wake easily. I hit the snooze button a lot, but once I'm up, I am happiest and most productive in the morning! (This also means that my alarm starts going off well before I intend to actually get up. I know this isn’t good for you, but I like the feeling of knowing I can sleep a bit longer!)

  • When I was a baby, my left foot was turned out so I had to wear a cast to correct it. It was right around the time I was starting to crawl and it was a little bit of hindrance. I would have to drag my casted foot behind me as I was trying to get around!

Me as a baby in my foot cast

Me as a baby in my foot cast

  • I have no artistic ability whatsoever. I can't draw to save my life. It's sort of a family trait- Pictionary is an interesting experience in the Rasmussen family.

  • My favorite role I've played so far in a musical was actually the first musical I ever did (aside from the ones we were required to do in grade school). I was Babette (the feather duster) in Beauty and the Beast. They actually had me dye my hair brown for the show, which was an interesting experience in and of itself.

My friend Emma and I (as a brunette!) in our high school musical

My friend Emma and I (as a brunette!) in our high school musical

  • I wear lipstick every day. The exact one I wear is Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 08. It's a pretty neutral color that fades well, but makes me feel more put together, so I rarely leave the house without it.

  • My hair is naturally curly (see photographic evidence below). For various reasons, I don't wear my hair natural most of the time. The main reason being that I live somewhere where it's winter for 9 months of the year and it's unrealistic for me to air dry my hair. I blow dry and curl it most days and will occasionally straighten it.


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